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Our goal is to get you and your team up to flying altitude as quickly as possible. We constantly publish new video content and make live calls. Exklusive FREE Training for you and your partners success!

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High tech and easy to use Marketing Tools for your easy and automatic sales approach. Big benefit for a quick and enormous duplication

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We work internationally and also provide material and training for international partners. So you can build your team around the world!

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More sponsoring, ultimate training, 1st class branding, own landing pages and much more


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Maik Schubert and Manuel Garcia are the founders of the Global United Team.

“We have worked hard to get where we are today –  the largest team in our company and our vision is to promote YOU, receive passive income and live the life YOU deserve!

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We support our partners with passionate commitment, the development of new team tools and many other possibilities for fast duplication!

Our partners can focus on building their business, which brings revenue and growth.

Maik Schubert & Manuel Garcia, Global-United Team founder and Leader

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